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The Lauren Berry Method



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A Berry Method apprentice is a student who has committed to working one-on-one with a certified Berry Method teacher over a period of years. An apprentice works frequently in the teacher's office to gain knowledge of all the principles of the body of knowledge taught by the late Lauren Berry. An apprentice generally spends no less than seven years and sometimes longer to reach certification as a Berry Method Practitioner. An apprentice in good standing keeps up with their classes and works closely with their sponsor. Apprenticeship is the only avenue to becoming a Berry Method Practioner and teaching the Berry Method.

To quote one of Lauren's apprentices, Kim Santa:

"It was like being apprenticed to a cabinetmaker or a stonemason."


The following therapists are Berry Method apprentices.

Diana Somps practices in Black Point CA.

Eric Flint practices in Colorado Springs CO.
Click here to email Eric or call 719-684-6814

Kerry Kathleen Lawrence practices in Fort Bragg, Ca. 95437
Contact Kerry at 707-964-7474

Sandie Reece practices in Verona, Va.
Click here to email Sandie or call 540-248-6293

Gail Moran practices in Staunton, Va.
Click here to email Gail or call 540-886-0887

Jessica Zerr pratices in Longhorne, PA.
Click here to email Jessica




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