The Lauren Berry Method®

of Osteopathic

Corrective Massage.


The Lauren Berry Method®

Basics I 2020 in Las Vegas

Focus: Lauren’s muscular/skeletal core postural balancing techniques.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Jan 30th through Feb 2nd.

The Institute of Integral Health is honored to offer classes in the corrective osteopathic massage techniques taught by the late Lauren Berry, Registered Physical Therapist and Structural Engineer.

You are being invited to learn techniques that have proven to be the foundation of many successful practices. Lauren's work is amazingly effective and can serve as a tool for changing your future and your client's wellbeing.

This unique approach can assist therapists to not only recognize physical/orthopedic dysfunctions in the muscular/skeletal system, but also gain the skills necessary to correct the dysfunction and immediately incorporate these protocols into your practice…go back to work on Monday and start using these amazingly effective techniques immediately.



$975 if registered prior to January 15th.

$1075 if registered after to January 15th.

$600 Class deposit/commitment (Balance due by start of class and determined by date of deposit)

To register via check* in the mail:
Download, print, and complete the registration form found below.
These are commitments and therefore, non-refundable.

Basics I 2020 in Las Vegas registration sign-up form as a word doc

Basics I 2020 in Las Vegas registration sign-up form as a pdf

*(make check payable to: Institute of Integral Health)

Or you can register via PayPal. Note: There is a $25 convenience fee.

Las Vegas class registration 2020

This body of knowledge has traditionally passed down within an apprenticeship framework. Similar to how stonemasons and carpenters have passed down their expertise for centuries.

A Berry Method® apprentice is a student who has committed to working one-on-one with a certified Berry Method teacher over a period of years. An apprentice works frequently in the teacher's office to gain knowledge of all the principles of the body of knowledge taught by the late Lauren Berry. An apprentice generally spends no less than seven years and sometimes longer to reach certification as a Berry Method Practitioner. An apprentice in good standing keeps up with their classes and works closely with their sponsor. Apprenticeship is the only avenue to becoming a Berry Method Practioner and teaching the Berry Method.

This class begins your official apprenticeship into our body of knowledge known as
"The Berry Method® of Osteopathic Corrective Massage."

As a certified apprentice:
• You will have a listing on our website, theberrymethod.org. This listing allows clients searching for our work to find you.
• You have permission to use our trademark and describe your work using 'Berry Method® Apprentice.' We are protective of our work and our registered trademark. Legal usage of our trademark is limited to Certified Practitioners, Teachers, and Apprentices.
• Part of your connection to and support of The Berry Method will be via our annual dues. Your support maintains your rights to a presence on our website and the usage of our trademark.

Basics II is scheduled to be held in Boulder, CO June 18-21, 2019.

Basics III is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, NV September 10-13, 2019.


The Berry Method® Teachers. 


You'll soon discover, know, and feel... 'tis special.


2019 The Institute of Integral Health